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Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, & Future Roadmap

15-16 February 2023
Virtual Event Platform

About the Event

TechBlick’s event on 15-16 February 2023 covers two major themes in the battery industry: (1) solid state batteries and (2) frontier materials beyond standard Li-ion chemistry including novel anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes. In doing so, TechBlick brings together a handpicked world-class agenda consisting of end users, manufacturers, promising start-ups, as well as renowned research centres andmarket analyst groups.
This event provides the opportunity to learn about the latest technology trends and research developments, disruptive start-ups, scale-up and production strategies, OEM requirements, and market analysis and forecasts. It is truly a unique agenda with unparalleled networking opportunities.

As part of your annual pass, you will have access to past events including our 2022 solid state battery and novel battery material conference. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in all future VIP networking activities and planned conference and workshops

Topics Covered

Themes | Solid State Batteries | Next-Gen and Beyond Li-Ion | Thin Film Solid State Batteries and Microbatteries | Supercapacitors | Promising Start Ups | Market Forecasts & Patent Analysis | Scale Up Techniques and Successes | Roll-to-Roll | Emerging Solid-State Electrolyte Material Families | Ceramic Battery Materials | Pure and Composite Silicon Anodes | AI and Simulation in Material Discovery and Optimization | LiS | Graphene, CNTs, and VACNTs | Reactive Metals | Existing Emerging Novel Cathodes Materials for Li-ion and SSBs | Aqueous, Binder-Free and/or Green Solutions | 3D Batteries | Additively Manufactured Batteries | Dry Electrode Technology | Monocarbon Membranes | Sulfide Glass

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Leading global speakers include: