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Additive Electronics in Semiconductor Packaging and PCBs

29-30 March 2023
Virtual Event Platform

About the Event

TechBlick’s event on 29-30 March 2023 focuses on all additive technologies used and/or suited to prototyping and manufacturing of semiconductor packaging - from sub-micro to macro scale - from low-frequency to mmWave - from 2D to 2.5D and 3D.

Additive electronics can not only replace subtractive processes based on cost and green credentials but can also enable truly novel designs, components, and manufacturing processes in semiconductor packaging and PCBs.

In this unique conference - colocated online with TechBlick’s event “Digital & 3D Additive Manufacturing of Electronics, Displays, Photovoltaics, and Beyond” - you will learn about all the key additive electronics technology - both mature and emerging ones and both prototyping and manufacturing ready ones - being developed and/or deployed for various use cases in the semiconductor packaging and PCBs industries

The applications covered are numerous covering EMI shielding, HTCC/LTCC printing, wirebond replacement, solder mask, on-demand PCB production, 2.5-3D circuits, novel component geometries and designs, mmWave and 5G circuits, etching masks, post-production repair, multi-layer interpose development and beyond.

Topics Covered

Themes: Inkjet | Aerosol | Electrohydrodynamic Printing | Advanced Dispensing | 3D Printing | LIFT | Digital Plating | Direct Wire | Robotic Platforms | Ink-Less Printing | Path Planning and Control | Selective Jetting | 3D Printed Electronics | PCB Production | Semiconductor Packaging | EMI Shielding | Microwave and mmWave Devices | Semiconductor Production | Wirebond Replacement | 2.5-3D circuits | On-Demand PCB Prototyping | LDS | MID | Selective Metallization | Multilayer Interposers | HTCC/LTCC, and beyond

In the parallel conference, you will also hear about digital and 3D printing in Lighting, Photovoltaics | Photodetectors | Quantum Dots | QLEDs | OLED-QLED | MicroLEDs | Batteries | and Many More

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Leading global speakers include: