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Innovations Festival:
Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, 3D, Wearable, & Textile Electronics

22-23 June
Virtual Festival

This must-attend event showcases exciting and cutting-edge advances from across the world.  The audience is truly global, coming together across many different time zones.

This will be the second edition of this Innovations Festival. It will take place over two carefully-planned days online. The agenda will be curated by the TechBlick team, reflecting the beautiful diversity of these fields and covering all key application and technology advancement. The programme will cover all aspects of material advancements to development of novel deposition and manufacturing technologies to printers and OEMS.  

There will be many networking and engagement opportunities online from round-robin speed dating where you will randomly meet other participants for one-on-one video conversation to interactive hosted virtual booths.  

Our activities will give the buzz of onsite meetings making virtual interaction real. They enable spontaneous discussions, serendipitous meetings, and excellent networking. We promise- in many ways it is more effective and more fun than onsite in-person interactions.

R2R Nanolithography | Nano-Scale Wafer Printing | Smart Skin Patches | 3D Touch Surfaces | Quantum Dots | Stretchable Liquid Metal Inks | Jet Metallization | Laser Induced Forward Transfer | Fuel Cells | Printed Batteries | Organic Photovoltaics | R2R PCB Production | Hybrid Circuits | 3D Electronics | InMold Electronics | Smart Surfaces | Ultra Fine Line Printing | Novel Interconnect Technology | E-Textiles | Printed Displays | Printed Sensors | Printed Sensors | Innovative Paste Technologies | Smart Packaging | Additively Manufactured Electronics | OTFTs | Perovskites | Inkjet | Aerosol | Electrohydrodynamic Printing | Advanced Dispensing | 3D Printing | LIFT | Digital Plating | Direct Wire | Robotic Platforms | Ink-Less Printing | Path Planning and Control | Selective Jetting | Lighting | 3D Printed Electronics | PCB Production | Semiconductor Packaging | EMI Shielding | Microwave and mmWave Devices | Semiconductor Production | Photovoltaics | Photodetectors | Quantum Dots | QLEDs | OLED-QLED | MicroLEDs | Circuit and/or PCB Design and Prototyping | Ceramic (HTCC/LTCC) | Batteries | Screen Printing | Assembly | R2R | Electronic Textiles | Wearable Medical Sensors | Intelligent Skin Patches

Confirmed speakers:


Here is how the LIVE 'In-Person Virtual' networking & exhibition works.
Watch the Demo Below
Networking Demo
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