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Electronic Textiles & Skin Patches: Hardware & Software

24-25 May 2023
Virtual Event

The agenda will examine the latest developments in electronic textiles (e-textiles) covering basic components to integration techniques to software design platforms and, of course, to the increasing role of data science in making sense of e-textile generated data in health, object recognition, etc. The event brings together brand owners and OEMS, promising start-ups, and leading voices in the research community.

Textile Computing | Smart Fabrics | Embroidering Electronics | Soft Circuits | Stretchable Electronics | Functional Fabrics | Conductive Inks | PCB on Textile. Medical-Grade Vital Signs Monitoring | Fitness and Health In E-Textiles | Beyond Medical/Fitness Applications | Mass Production of E-Textiles | Textile-Based Object Recognition AI | Internet of Connected Fabrices | Muscle Simulation | Liquid Metal | Stretchable Electronics

Confirmed speakers:


Here is how the LIVE 'In-Person Virtual' networking & exhibition works.
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Networking Demo
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