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NOV 2023


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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Stefano Passeromi


(TBC) Sodium and aluminium for energy storage

University of Colorado Boulder

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Chunmei Ban

Associate Professor

(TBC) Garnet Solid-State Electrolyte Technologies


Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Kevin Hurlbutt

CEO & Cofounder

(TBC) Potassium-ion battery technology: Technology status, challenges and roadmap

Fraunhofer ISI

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Dr. Christoph Neef

Project manager / Senior scientist

(TBC) Technology and market roadmap for post-Li ion batteries


Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Dr. SY Deng


The Path from Mini to MicroLEDs*

Raysolve Optoelectronics

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Eddie Wing Cheung CHONG

Innovative Full-Color Micro-LED Micro-Display: A Revolutionary Technology for AR/XR industry


Winter Innovations Festival: Additive, Sustainable, Wearable Electronics


Formulation of stretchable conductive inks

Bayflex Solutions

Winter Innovations Festival: Additive, Sustainable, Wearable Electronics Copy Copy Copy

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki


Fraunhofer IAP

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023 Copy


Yohan Kim

Research Scientist, EL-QLEDs

Achieving Printed High-Resolution Quantum Dot Structures for Full-Color Micro-LEDs


The Future of Photovoltaics: Organic, Perovskites, CIGS, Tandem 2024


Johannes Bintinger


Enhancing solar cell performance using n-type conductive inks

Fraunhofer IKTS

Winter Innovations Festival: Additive, Sustainable, Wearable Electronics Copy Copy


Clemens Voigt

PhD student



The Future of Photovoltaics: Organic, Perovskites, CIGS, Tandem 2024

Saudi Arabia

Stefaan De Wolf


(TBC) Record Si-perovskite tandem cell with 33.2% efficiency

Paraclete Energy

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Jeff Norris

Unlocking Silicon's Potential: Embracing Polymers Beyond Carbon

Innovation Semiconductor

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Matthew Hartensveld


Micro-LED Displays in a Monolithic GaN System


Winter Innovations Festival: Additive, Sustainable, Wearable Electronics


BroadBit Batteries Oy

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


David Brown


(TBC) Sodium salt battery technology:Status, manufacturing and applications

Omdia Display

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023

South Korea

Jerry Kang

Research Manager

Latest Technical Trend & Market Forecast of micro LED display

Stanford University

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Austin Sendek

Co-Founder and CEO at Aionics, Inc. | Adjunct Professor at Stanford

(TBC) Machine learning in battery material discovery and development

Feon Energy

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Wenxiao Huang

Cofounder and CEO

(TBC) Molecular electrolytes to suppress dendrite growth on Li-metal anode

Mikro Mesa

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Stefan Chen

Chief Strategy Officer

The Way toward The True µLED Display

American Perovskites

The Future of Photovoltaics: Organic, Perovskites, CIGS, Tandem 2024


Nick Nick Denegre


Sunproofing America - Revolutionizing the supply chain for solar cells

Université de Picardie

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Christian Masquelier

(TBC)NASICON electrode development for for Na batteries


Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Grace Lee

VP of Display Product Management

High PPI microLED displays with QD colour conversion*

Shmuel De-Leon

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Shmuel De-Leon


Sodium Ion (Na- Ion) Battery Market 2024 – The Next Technology on Battery Mass Production

KLA Corporation

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


John Robinson

Sr Principal Scientist

MicroLED End-to-End Process Control

Nawa Technologies

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Pascal Boulanger

Founder - CTO

(TBC) R2R VACNT electrote technology for fast charing Li ions


Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Weichung Ooi

Special Assistant to General Manager

MicroLED transfer and repair technology*


Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Pirimin Ulmann

Co-Founder & CEO

(TBC) Patent activity in SSB and Emerging Battery Materials

University of Stuttgart

The Future of Photovoltaics: Organic, Perovskites, CIGS, Tandem 2024 Copy


Claudiu Mortan

University of Stuttgart logo
Posdoc Group Leader

(TBC) Lifetime threshold for viability of pervoskite PVs

Fraunhofer IKTS

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schulz

Head of department

(TBC) Sodium-beta: Na solid state battery technology

Q-Pixel Inc

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023

Michelle Chen

Tunable-Polychromatic LEDs for a paradigm shift in microLED displays


Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24


Mike Eiserman

Head of Marketing and Public Relations

(TBC) Advanced and beyond Li ion batteries


Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Khaled Ahmed

Senior Principal Engineer

MicroLED Displays: Design for Cost

rhs Instruments

Solid State Batteries & Battery Materials 24 Copy Copy Copy


Christoffer Karlsson

Senior R&D Scientist

(TBC) Measuring performance of solid state batteries: from development to production

QNA Technology

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Artur Podhorodecki


Pure blue light emitting heavy metals free quantum dots for color conversion and electroluminescence applications.


Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Lukas Kosior

Business Development Manager

Digital Direct Printing of Color Conversion Materials for MicroLEDs*

InterPhases Solar

The Future of Photovoltaics: Organic, Perovskites, CIGS, Tandem 2024


Shalini Menezes

Founder, CEO, R&D Director

Versatile in-line Roll-to-roll Process for Flexible, Thin-Film Devices


Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Jan Gülink

CTO & Co-Founder

SMILE microLED platforms enabling versatile display solutions

NSC - New Silicon Corporation Pte Ltd

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


Kenneth Lee


Towards integrated CMOS + GaN microdisplays fabricated at wafer scale

GE Research

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays 2023


James Murphy

Principal Scientist

Narrowband red and green phosphors for uLED displays*

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Printed Electronics (General)

Printed electronics in smart packaging

This was always the dream, but the realities of small margins and the complexity of adding printed functionality have hindered the development. However, the tide seems to be turning with low-cost metallization, flexible hybrid electronics, NFC, and other trends

Printed Electronics Smart Packaging-min.
Printed Electronics

Si PV: the irreplaceable 


Solar industry has been booming and exceeded 140GW in 2019. Given that most cells contain some printed Ag paste, this is a gigantic market. It is a tough one too, in terms of delivery, cost, and margin pressure.  This has motivated many to seed and develop alternative markets.

Conductive Inks: Existing and Emerging Applications

Conductive Inks

Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and 2D Materials

CNTs: Time of Growth

After a classic hype cycle, CNTs are entering a phase of explosive growth. This is shown in the evolution of worldwide capacity during the past 15 years.

Graphene & 2D

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Low-temperature die attach

Flexible hybrid electronics will enable integration of ultrathin ICs on flexible substrates. To enable a transition from expensive PI to inexpensive PET, low-temperature die attach is needed.  Conductive adhesive may not always be good enough to support complex ICs with high I/O pins. This is an innovation space to watch

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Large-area OLED or LED lighting

OLED lighting has had a difficult commercialization journey and has fallen out of favour, yet some developers have preserved, pushing the technology forward. Large-area LED films, on the other hand, are extremely in vogue today. These films can be made R2R with rapid pick-and-plane and printed metallization    

Printed Display & Lighting

Displays & Lighting

QLED: becoming ever more viable?

This chart shows the latest EQE data from Cd-based and Cd-free QLEDs, showing that the efficiency gap with OLEDs is overcome for some colors and in small-sized spin-coated devices. This proof of principle demonstrates the high potential of QLEDs. Will it emerge as the ultimate display technology?

Quantum Dots in Displays and Beyond

Quantum Dots

MicroLEDs: what are they?

Pictures of various micro-LEDs are shown opposite. To give you a sense of scale, these LEDs are the size of dust particles!  New techniques are needed to grow, singulate, and transfer these tiny LEDs. Furthermore, developments are needed to improve the efficiency drop-off as size is reduced. 



Perovskite, Organic, Quantum Dot, and CIGS PVs

Perovskite: fastest improving PV ever?

The efficiency of perovskite PV has been growing relentlessly since 2013, catapulting it in no time amongst the top performing PV technologies. Perovskite tandem cells go even further, making them excellent PV technologies. Of course, more work is to be done. Inset shows that best results are still only on tiny cells

Perovskite efficiency roadmap-min.jpg

Printed, Flexible, and/or Stretchable Sensors

Full and hybrid printed/organic  image sensors

Large-area screen printed organic image sensors are maturing. Indeed, they now await a breakthrough application to life them out of their niche status. In parallel, hybrid sensors seem very promising. Organic-CMOS sensors can enable SWIR sensing or allow increasing pixel resolution in global shutter cameras. QD-CMOS image sensors hold even more promise for SWIR sensing. Hot area to watch!


3D Metallization and InMold Electronics

Towards On-Demand True 3D Printed Electronics

Multi-layer 2.5D professional PCBs can actually be printed, targeting rapid prototyping and low-volume production. In addition, 3D surfaces can be metallized, imparting electronic functionality. Critically, true 3D printed electronics allowing electronics to be embedded within a 3D printed objects is emerging. This will be a game changer in the plastic 3D printing industry

3D Metallization

Ultrafine Direct and Hybrid Printing

Ultra fine-line printing

S2S and R2R direct printing are reaching extraordinary linewidth resolutions, enabling a vast array of new applications in security printing, transparent heating, display backplane metallization, frequency-selective metal structures, and beyond. In this field performance leaps have taken place in the past decade. Market development continues to demand patience, but the time is success is not long away.

and many more...

Electronic Textiles

Electronic Textiles (e-Textiles) is a growing field. At long last, the value chain and technology blocks are being cleared away. The technology choice remains confusing though but the market roadmap, composed of many niche stepping stones, is still taking shape.

Electronic Textiles and Skin Patches